The Sri Lanka Tea Factory Owners Association

64/12 A, Nawala Road
Sri Lanka


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Company information The Sri Lanka Tea Factory Owners Association


Volume of Tea Production
Member Tea Factories of the CQTPA are responsible for the production of 12% of the annual tea production of Sri Lanka. The tea is sold by Colombo Tea Auction as Bulk Tea.
Categories of Tea
Member Tea Factories of the CQTPA represent all tea growing elevation categories of Sri Lanka. They are indicated as High-(H), Medium-(M)& Low-(L)in the list of member tea factories. They also represent all flavor categories of Sri Lanka as registered by Geological Indicators.
The Following grades of Teas are on offer from the member tea factories:- FBOP Ex sp,FBOPF sp,FBOPF,OP,OP 1,OPA,PEKOE,FBOPF 1,FBOP,BOP 1,FBOP 1,BOP,BOPF,DUST,DUST 1.
Value Added Products:
Apart from bulk sales at the Colombo Auction,the following members produce value added products for direct exports. These products can be viewed by visiting their respective web sites.
* Biofoods (Pvt) Ltd -
* Lumbini Tea Factory -
* Nandana Tea Factory -
Advice to International Tea Buyers:
* Advice your agents in Sri Lanka to give preference to Teas produced by the CQTPA member tea factories when procuring tea from Colombo Auction
* They can also contact the CQTPA directly if they need to buy tea directly from any member tea factory.
The contact email address is

Member Tea Factories:
•Lumbini Tea Factory, Brand-(Lumbini) Flavor-(Ruhuna-L)Email:
•Dampahala Tea Factory, Brand-(Dampahala) Flavor-(Ruhuna-L)Email:
•Lions Tea Factory, Brand-(Lions) Flavor-(Ruhuna-L)Email:
•Andaradeniya Tea Factory, Brand-(Andaradeniya) Flavor-(Ruhuna-L)Email:
•Morawak Korale Tea Producers' Corporative Society, Brand-(Morawakkorale Flavor-(Ruhuna-L)Email:
•Gunawardana Tea Factory, Brand-(Gunawardana) Flavor-(Ruhuna-L)Email:
•Yolta Tea Factory, Brand-(Yolta) Flavor-(Ruhuna-L)Email:
•Uruwela Tea Factory, Brand-(Uruwela) Flavor-(Ruhuna-L)Email:
•Nilgiri Tea Factory, Brand-(Nilgiri) Flavor-(Ruhuna-L)
•Orangefield Tea Factory, Brand-(Orangefield) Flavor-(Kandy-M)Email:
•Deshika Tea Factory, Brand-(Deshika) Flavor-(Sabaragamuwa-L)Email:
•Athukorala Tea Factory, Brand-(Athukorala) Flavor-(Ruhuna-L)Email:
•Menikkanda Tea Factory, Brand-(Menikkanda) Flavor-(Ruhuna-L)Email:
•Rothschild Tea Factory, Brand-(Rothschild) Flavor-(Kandy-M)Email:,
•Hapugahawatte Tea Factory, Brand-(Hapugahawatte) Flavor-(Uva-(Seasonal)-H)Email:
•Avon Lea Hill Tea Factory, Tea not offered at Colombo Auction.Direct SalesFlavor-(UVA-(Seasonal)-H)Email:
•James Valley Tea Factory, Tea not offered at Colombo Auction.Direct SalesFlavor-(Kandy-M)Email:
•Magedara Tea Factory, Brand-(Magedara) Flavor-(Ruhuna-L)Email:
•Galpaditenna Tea Factory, Brand-(Galpaditenna) Flavor-(Sabaragamuwa-L)Email:
•Ankumbura Tea Factory, Brand-(Ankoombra) Flavor-(Kandy-M)Email:
•Mahambana Tea Factory, Brand-(Mahambana) Flavor-(Ruhuna-L)Email:
•Kiruwanaganga Tea Factory, Brand-(Kiruwanaganga) Flavor-(Ruhuna-L)Email:
•Sihara Tea Factory, Brand-(Sihara) Flavor-(Ruhuna-L)
•Holyrood Tea Factory, Brand-(Holyrood) Flavor-(Nuwara Eliya-(Seasonal)-H)Email:
•Galatara Tea Factory, Brand-(Galatara) Flavor-(Ruhuna-L)Email:
•Idalhashinna Tea Factory, Tea not offered at Colombo Auction.Direct SalesFlavor-(Uva-(Seasonal)-H & Green Tea)Email:
•Delmar Tea Factory, Brand-(Delmar) Flavor-(Udapussellawa-(Seasonal)-H)Email:
•Ambrosia Tea Factory, Brand-(Ambrosia) Flavor-(Uva-(Seasonal)-M)Email:
•Galaboda Tea Factory, Brand-(Galaboda) Flavor-(Ruhuna-L)
•Galagawa Tea Factory, Brand-(Galagawa) Flavor-(Ruhuna)-L)Email:
•Kotapola M.P.C.S Tea Factory, Brand-(Co-op Lanka) Flavor-(Ruhuna)-L)Email:
•South Co-op Tea Factory, Brand-(South Co-op) Flavor-(Ruhuna)-L)Email:
•Uduwera Tea Factory, Brand-(Oodoowerra/Demodara) Flavor-(Uva)-(Seasonal)-H)Email:
•Greenwood Tea Factory, Brand-(Greenwood) Flavor-(Kandy)-M)Email:
•Hatale Tea Factory, Brand-(Hatale,Pannala) Flavor-(Kandy)-M)Email:
•Kurunduwatta Tea Factory, Brand-(Kurunduwatta) Flavor-(Ruhuna)-L)Email:
•Abeywickrama Tea Factory, Brand-(Abeywickrama) Flavor-(Ruhuna)-L)
•Liyonta Tea Factory, Brand-(Liyonta) Flavor-(Ruhuna)-L)Email:
•Hapugastenna Tea Factory, Brand-(Hapugastenna) Flavor-(Sabaragamuwa)-L)Email:
•Fortune Tea Factory, Brand-(Fortune) Flavor-(Ruhuna)-L)Email:
•Ambatenna Tea Factory, Brand-(Ambatenna) Flavor-(Uva-(Seasonal)-M)Email:
•Baduraliya Tea Factory, Brand-(Baduraliya) Flavor-(Ruhuna)-L)Email:
•Kelliewatta Tea Factory, Brand-(Kelliewatta) Flavor-(Kandy)-M)Email:
•Springwood Tea Factory, Brand-(Springwood) Flavor-(Sabaragamuwa)-L)Email:
•Ratnayake Tea Factory, Brand-(Ratnayake) Flavor-(Ruhuna)-L)Email:
•New Kandegastenna Tea Factory, Brand-(New Kandegastenna) Flavor-(Sabaragamuwa)-L)Email:
•Nilwin View Tea Factory, Brand-(Nilwin View) Flavor-(Sabaragamuwa)-L)Email: kdunvtf@sltnet,lk
•Rosyth Tea Factory, Brand-(Rosyth) Flavor-(Kandy)-M)
•Allen Valley Tea Factory, Brand-(Allen Valley) Flavor-(Ruhuna)-L)Email:
•Hallinna Tea Factory, Brand-(Hallinna) Flavor-(Sabaragamuwa)-L)Email:
•Mulatiyana Tea Factory, Brand-(Mulatiyana) Flavor-(Ruhuna)-L)Email:
•Nandana Tea Factory, Brand-(Nandana) Flavor-(Ruhuna)-L)Email:
•Suwiska Tea Factory, Brand-(Suwiska) Flavor-(Ruhuna)-L)
•New Hopewell Tea Factory, Brand-(New Hopewell) Flavor-(Sabaragamuwa)-L)Email:
•Sunrise Tea Factory, Brand-(Sunrise) Flavor-(Ruhuna)-L)Email:

Corporate Office:
•Mr. Nimal Udugampola - Contact Person, 61/41,Wijaya Mawatha,Boragodawatta,Minnuwangoda, Mobile:+94-(0)

General Information

Year established 1990
Co.Registration No. GA 2129
Legal form ZAK
Type of company Head Office


  • Type:

    All Tea Factories have quality certifications. Most of them are rated "One Star" under the Ceylon Tea Quality Certificate - Quality Management System (CQC-QMS) for Organizational Excellence by the Sri Lanka Tea Board.

  • Type:

    Some member Tea Factories have obtained higher CQC QMS ratings such as Two Star & Three Star for Excellence in Good Manufacturing Practices & Excellence in Good Hygienic Practices respectively.

  • Type:

    Apart from these basic ratings, some of the member Tea Factories have obtained ISO 9001 & ISO 22,000 Certifications.

  • Type:

    Some other Tea Factories are certified for the use of HACCP methodology.

Key figures The Sri Lanka Tea Factory Owners Association


Executives The Sri Lanka Tea Factory Owners Association

Executive information

Mr Anil Perera


Activities The Sri Lanka Tea Factory Owners Association

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