Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment

234,Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha
Sri Lanka


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Company information Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment


Create an image of Sri Lanka as a disciplined manpower supplier in the global market as well as to promote and develop opportunities to Sri Lankans for employment,apprenticeship and training with employers outside Sri Lanka. We undertake welfare activities and protection of Sri Lankans employed overseas and their families in Sri Lanka. We assist licensed local recruitment agencies in negotiation of terms and conditions for overseas employment with principals abroad. There are twenty one District Offices and training centres spread across Sri Lanka under the direct purview of Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.

SLBFE Representative of the Labour Receiving Countries:
•Malaysia, Tel.+00603-42574194,+00601-72120175 (Mobile), Fax.+00603-42532497, Mr.D.N.Munasinghe (Labour Welfare Officer)
•Maldives, Tel.+00960-3313149,+00960-7440355 (Mobile), Fax.+00960-3321652, Mr.B.M.U.N Bandaranayake (Labour Welfare Officer)
•Jordan, Tel.+00962-65820858,+00962-795576557 (Mobile), Fax.+00962-65820615, Mr.K.L.H.K Wijerathne (Labour Welfare Officer)
•Dubai/UAE, Tel.+00971-43984007,+00971-43986771,+00971-507104092, Fax.+00971-43984687, Mr.Damith De Silva (Counsellor-E&W)Mrs P.K.Tennakoon (Counsellor-E&P)
•Abu Dhabi/UAE, Tel.+00971-26332271,+00971-502652287 (Mobile), Fax.+00971-26331661, Mr.Hemantha Kahawalage (Labour Welfare Officer)
•Riyadh/KSA, Tel.+00966-14195267,+00966-555600527 (Mobile), Fax.+00966-14608846, Mr.Nimal Ranawaka (Counsellor(E&W)Tel: +00966-14605731,+00966-555167928 (Mobile)Fax: +00966-14608846Mr.Sunil Wijesinghe (Labour Welfare Officer)Tel: +00966-12152860,+00966-555167938 (Mobile)Fax: +00966-14608846Mr.D.W Tennakoon (Labour Welfare Officer)
•Jeddah/KSA, Tel.+00966-26684645,+00966-503605447 (Mobile), Fax.+00966-26064439, Mr.M.M.Jiffry (Labour Welfare Officer)
•Kuwait, Tel.+00965-5312428,+00965-97246171(Mobile), Fax.+00965-5339154, Mrs.K.M.K.P Herath (Minister Counsellor )+00965-99921784 (Mobile)Mr. M.B.M Zarook (Labour Welfare Officer)
•Korea/Seoul, Tel.+00822-7352966,+0082-1051888876 (Mobile), Fax.+00822-7379577, Mr.M.S.M Suhaib (Labour Welfare Officer)
•Oman, Tel.+00968-24600231,+00968-99468835 (Mobile), Fax.+00968-24697336, Mr.A.C.Mahiru (Counsellor-E&W)
•Qatar, Tel.+00974-4674847,+00974-3205435(Mobile), Fax.+00974-4674788, Mrs M.A.C.K Premasiri (Counsellor(E&W)
•Lebanon, Tel.+00961-5924767,+00961-3480995 (Mobile), Fax.+00961-594763, Mr.W.M.Premarathne (Counsellor-E&W)
•Singapore, Tel.+0065-62546773,+0065-97166782 (Mobile), Fax.+0065-63534182, Mrs Shyamali Rajapaksha (Counsellor-E&W)
•Cyprus, Tel.+00357-2537455,+00357-99310675 (Mobile), Fax.+00357-25372472, Major Uditha Silva (Labour Welfare Officer)

Senior Management:
•Mr K.K.D. Ranawaka (Chairman)
•Mr D.B. Sumithraarachchi (Working Director)
•Mr H. Batagoda (General Manager)
•Mr L.K. Ruhunage (Act. Additional General Manager)
•Mr K.O.D.D. Fernando (DGM - Information Technology & Planning)
•Mr W.M.V. Wansekera (DGM - Recruitment & Approvals)
•Mr M.A.D. Chandrawansha (DGM - Finance)
•Mr D.D.P. Senanayake (DGM - Administration & Foreign Relations)
•Mr R.K.K.M.P. Randeniya (Act.DGM - Training & Conciliations)
•Mr M.M. Deshapriya (Act. DGM - Welfare & Research)
•Mr L.M.K Muthukumarana (Act. DGM - Legal)
•Mr W.R.L Perera (Manager - Transport)
•Mrs V. Munasinghe (Manager - Conciliation -11)
•Mrs Y.H.R Senarathne (Manager - Final Approval)
•Mr B.W.M.P.K.T. Hettiarachchi (Manager - First Approval)
•Mr H.M.K.B. Dharmawardana (Manager - Agreement Signing)
•Mr A.K.U Rohana (Manager - IT)
•Mr M.R.C.B Ekanayake (Manager - Airport Unit)
•Mr I.L.H. Jameel (Manager - Conciliation 1)
•Mr P.P Weerasekara (Manager - Publicity & Public Relations)
•Mrs I. Pathinayake (Manager - Licensing)
•Mrs Y.N.C. Abeygunawardena (Internal Auditor)
•Mrs R.K Haputhanthri (Manager - Finance)
•Mr B.G.J.A Batugedara (Manager - Adminstration & HR)
•Mr P.G.G.S. Yapa (Manager - Foreign Relations & Marketing)
•Miss M.M.S Sweety (Manager - Research)
•Mr L.Y Pathirana (Manager - Maintenance)
•Mr J. Wanigathunge (Manager - Sociologist)
•Mr H.M. Sunil (Manager - Recruitment)
•Mr Sri Lal Perera (Manager - Airport Unit)
•Mr D.S.K Pushpakumara (Manager - Investigation)
•Mrs A.T.R Gunasekara (Secretary to the Board)
•Mr W. Leelarathna (Act.Manager - Planning)
•Mr S.P. Munasinghe (Act. Manager - Welfare)
•Mr R.W.A.G.S Chaminda (Act.Manager - Procurement)

General Information

Year established 1985
Legal form Semi Government Institution
Type of company Head Office
Fax +94 11 2864141,


  • Peoples Bank, Bank of Ceylon

Key figures Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment


  • On site

    500-999 Employees

Executives Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment

Executive information

Mr K.K.D. Ranawaka

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