Mobile Medicare Hospital (Pvt) Ltd., Kandy

665A,Peradeniya Road
Sri Lanka


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Company information Mobile Medicare Hospital (Pvt) Ltd., Kandy


* Mobile Medicare Hospital (Pvt) Ltd. is a fully equipped Hospital providing 24 hour Services with Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment Facilities.
* Mobile Medicare Hospital (Pvt) Ltd. is also a 24 hour Mobile Medical service that brings the Doctor & Medical staff to a patient's home & workplace,as well as being a central location,enabling us to provide our services to those in and around the city of Kandy.
The unique assortment of medical services offered by us is based on the latest international concept of 'Patient Comfort' in line with the international benchmark of patient recuperation and recovery.
We extend our 24 hour medical services to Hotels in and around Kandy,Schools,Companies,Institutions,Members of Associations and Clubs,and all registered and unregistered patients who seek medical attention at Mobile Medicare Hospital.
* Emergency Treatment Facilities with ICU
* Inpatient & Outpatient Services
* Laboratory,X-ray,ECG,Pharmacy
* U.S. Scan,Echocardiography,Exercise ECG
* Regular Medical Checkup & Screening for Cancer,Heart Disease,Diabetes,Hypertension & Serious Illnesses.
* Healthy Lifestyle Clinic
* Family Medical Clinic
* Diabetic Clinic
* Heart Disease Clinic
* Hypertension Clinic
* Dental Clinic
* Physiotherapy Clinic
* Weight Control Clinic
* Vaccination Clinic
* Well Woman Clinic
* WRA Baby Clinic
* Mobile Medical & Dental Services - Home & Workplace
* Ambulance Services
* 24 hour Telemedical Advice-(0)777-840740,(0)777-374131
* Medical Specialists Services
All these Services by Experienced & Friendly Staff

General Information

Year established 2006
Co.Registration No. N(PVS) 44683
Legal form Limited Liability Company
Type of company Head Office
Fax +94 81 2203888

Key figures Mobile Medicare Hospital (Pvt) Ltd., Kandy


Executives Mobile Medicare Hospital (Pvt) Ltd., Kandy

Executive information

Dr E.A Jeyaseelan-Consultant Family Physician


Activities Mobile Medicare Hospital (Pvt) Ltd., Kandy

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