Hayleys PLC

400, Deans Road
Colombo 10
Sri Lanka


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Company information Hayleys PLC


Hayleys has grown from a small proprietorship in Sri Lanka's southern city Galle, into one of Sri Lanka's largest, most diversified public companies. The 137 year Hayley chronicle traverses the tapestry of time, changing with it and taking shape from it.
Today Hayleys is a Sri Lankan multinational conglomerate with businesses categorized into Fibre,Purification,Hand Protection,Textiles,Construction Materials,Agriculture,Plantations & Tea Exports,Power & Energy,Transportation & Logistics,Leisure & Aviation,Consumer Products and BPO & Shared Services in which the Group is renowned, both globally & locally.
Hayleys PLC is the holding company of Hayleys Group. Its activities involve investment in and provision of management and allied services to Hayleys Group of Companies.
Group Companies
Ravi Industries - Industrial & household brush ware
Rileys (Pvt) Ltd - Cleaning devices
Haymat (Pvt) Ltd - Coir Fibre Mats
Creative Polymats (Pvt) Ltd - Moulded rubber products
Hayleys Fibre PLC - Value added coir-based products
Bonterra Lanka Ltd - Value added coir-based products
Ravi Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd - Services
Chas P.Hayley & Company (Pvt) Ltd - Coir and treated rubber timber products
Volanka Exports Ltd - Coir-based products and essential oil
Toyo Cushion Lanka (Pvt) Ltd - Needled and rubberised coir products
Lignocell (Pvt) Ltd - Coir Fibre Pith
Haylex USA - Marketing
Charles Fibres (Pvt) Ltd - Trading in coir-based products
Hand Protection
Dipped Products Group - General purpose and speciality rubber gloves
Purification Products
Haycarb Group - Activated Carbon & Environmental Purification Solutions
Hayleys MGT Knitting Mills PLC - Knitted fabric
Construction Material
Alumex Group - Aluminium extrusions
Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Ltd - Crop production and protection materials,agricultural equipment and animal health products
Agro Technica Ltd - Agricultural machinery and equipment
Haychem (Bangladesh) Ltd - Crop protection chemicals
Sunfrost (Pvt) Ltd - Fresh/processed vegetables
HJS Condiments Ltd - Retailed-packed,processed vegetables
Hayleys Agro Farms (Pvt) Ltd - Planting material
Hayleys Agro Biotech (Pvt.) Ltd - Horticultural tissue culture products
Quality Seed Company Ltd - Hybrid flower seeds
Hayleys Agro Fertilizers (Pvt) Ltd - Fertilizer
DPL Plantations (Pvt) Ltd - Plantation Management
Hayleys Plantation Services (Pvt) Ltd - Plantation Management
Kelani Valley Plantations PLC - Processed tea and rubber
Talawakele Tea Estates PLC - Processed black and green tea
Kelani Valley Instant Tea (Pvt) Ltd - Manufacture of ready-to-drink tea powder
Mabroc Group - Export of bulk and retail packed tea
Hayleys Global Beverages (Pvt) Ltd - Manufacturing instant tea and tea extract
Consumer Products
Hayleys Consumer Products Ltd - Lighting products and solutions,photo imaging,health,care,FMCG products
Hayleys Electronics Lighting (Pvt) Ltd - Lighting products and solutions
Hunas Falls Hotels PLC - Leisure
The Kingsbury PLC - Leisure
Amaya Leisure PLC - Leisure
Culture Club Resorts (Pvt) Ltd - Leisure
Kandyan Resorts (Pvt) Ltd - Leisure
Eastern Hotels Ltd - Leisure
The Beach Resorts Ltd - Leisure
C D C Conventions (Pvt) Ltd - Leisure
The Queensbury (Pvt) Ltd - Leisure
Amaya Lake - Leisure
Amaya Hills - Leisure
Hunas Falls by Amaya - Leisure
Longdale by Amaya - Leisure
Amaya Beach - Leisure
The Bungalow by Amaya - Leisure
Aviation & Destination Management Services
Hayleys Leisure Holdings (Pvt) Ltd - Investments and Hotel Management
Air Global (Pvt) Ltd - Airline representation
North South Lines (Pvt) Ltd - Airline representation
Millennium Transportation (Pvt) Ltd - Airline representation
Hayleys Travels and Tours (Pvt) Ltd - Travel Agency and Destination Management
Industry Inputs
Hayleys Industrial Solutions (Pvt) Ltd - Engineering and projects,power generation,pigments and industrial raw materials
Hayleys Life Sciences (Pvt) Ltd - Supplying health care equipment
Haycolour (Pvt) Ltd - Textile dyestuff and binders
Power Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd (Mawanana) - Marketing of power generating equipment
Power & Energy
Bhagya Hydro (Pvt) Ltd - Hydropower
Neluwa Cascade Hydro Power (Pvt) Ltd - Hydropower
Hayleys Hydro Energy (Pvt) Ltd - Hydropower
Nirmalapura Wind Power (Pvt) Ltd - Windpower
TTEL Somerset Hydro Power (Pvt) Ltd - Hydropower
TTEL Hydro Power Company (Pvt) Ltd - Hydropower
Hayleys Neluwa Hydro Power (Pvt) Ltd - Hydropower
Hayleys Power Ltd - Hydropower investments
Kiriweldola Hydro Power (Pvt) Ltd - Hydropower
Aninkanda Hydro Power (Pvt) Ltd - Hydropower
Neluwa Upper Hydro Power (Pvt) Ltd - Hydropower
Lindula Power Company (Pvt) Ltd - Hydropower
Transportation & Logistics
Hayleys Advantis Group - Shipping agency,international freightforwarding,express freight,bunkering,husbanding & port agency,ship chartering,ocean container repairing & conversion, container yard operation,inland logistics,energy logistics,warehousing and third-party logistics
Investments & Services
Dean Foster (Pvt) Ltd - Investments
Hayleys Business Solutions International (Pvt) Ltd - Business Process Outsourcing and Centralised Shared Services
Hayleys Group Services (Pvt) Ltd - Secretarial/Investments
Volanka (Pvt) Ltd - Investments
Volanka Insurance Brokers (Pvt) Ltd - Insurance Brokering
Haydea Business Solutions (Pvt) Ltd - Business Process Outsourcing
Haylex BV Group - Marketing
Carbotels (Pvt) Ltd - Hotel Investment
Trade Associations:
Chamber of Construction Industry
The Ceylon National Chamber of Industries
Hatton National Bank,HSBC,Bank of Ceylon,NDB Bank,Standard Chartered Bank,Sampath Bank,Commercial Bank,Deutsche Bank,DFCC,Citibank
Annual Turnover 2011/2012 (Excluding Associates): 62,465,000,000 LKR
Annual Turnover 2011/2012 (Including Associates): 63,054,000,000 LKR
Export Turnover 2011/2012 (Including Associates): 40,000,000,000 LKR
Stated Capital: 1,575,000,000 LKR
Revenue 2013/2014 80,554,000,000 LKR
Profit 2013/2014 5,074,000,000
Group Value Addition 21,066,000,000
No of Employees:
(Company,Subsidiaries and Associates): 36,224

General Information

Year established 1878
Co.Registration No. PQ 22
Legal form PL
Type of company Head Office
Fax +94 11 2699299
Website http://www.hayleys.com

Key figures Hayleys PLC


Executives Hayleys PLC

Executive information

Mr A.M. Pandithage


Activities Hayleys PLC

Secondary activities

  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider

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