Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI)

No. 17,Victoria Place

Elvitigala Mawatha

Colombo 8 , Sri Lanka

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* CERTIFICATION: SLS Mark,Energy Efficiency Labelling,ISO 9001,ISO 14001,ISO 22000,HACCP,OHSAS 18001,SA 8000 and GMP.ISO 9001,ISO 22000 & HACCP Certification are offered with Accreditation from RvA,Netherlands. * INFORMATION SERVICES: National & International Standards,Books,Magazines & Periodicals on Quality & Scientific Disciplines,Technical Regulations,Collection of Articles from the Web and Electronic Newsletter on World Standards News. * LABORATORY TESTING Chemical,Microbiological,Food,Electrical,Material & Textile Testing of Products. * CALIBRATION & MEASUREMENT Calibration of Measuring Instruments,Traceability to National & International Standards (Mass,Force,Temperature,Pressure,Volume,Length & Density) * Training on Quality Management Conducts Certificate,Diploma & Consultant Courses,Workshops,Seminars, Disciplines include TQM,TPM,5S,HACCP,ISO 9001,ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001,SA 8000,GMP,Benchmarking etc. * SRI LANKA NATIONAL QUALITY AWARDS: Highest Award given for Quality in Sri Lanka. Organizations need to apply. * Formulation of Standards Formulates National (Sri Lanka) and Company Standards for Products,Processes and Services.

General Information

Year Established: 1964

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Type of company : Headquarters



On site
From 250 to 499
Total group



Kanchana Ratwatte

Chairman (President / Chairman)

L. S.

Director General (Managing Director / Director)

W. M.

Deputy Director General (Managing Director / Director)

P. T.

Deputy Director General (Managing Director / Director)

H. S.

Actg.Director-Administration (Managing Director / Director)

A. T.

Actg.Director-Documentation & Information (Managing Director / Director)

J. D.

Director-Engineering Standards (Managing Director / Director)

S. P.

Actg.Director-Finance (Finance Director)

S. A.

Director-Laboratory Services (Managing Director / Director)

R. P.

Director-Metrology (Managing Director / Director)

(. .

Director-Marketing & Promotion

N. S.

Director-Product Certification (Managing Director / Director)

M. F.

Director-Quality Assurance (Managing Director / Director)

T. D.

Director-Systems Certification (Managing Director / Director)

N. R.

Director-Standardization (Managing Director / Director)

(. .

Director Training

S. P.

Internal Auditor


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