International Foodstuff Group of Companies

International Foodstuff Group of Companies - - Company Summary

We are a Grower,Processor & Exporters of Fruits,Vegetables,Spices,Dry Goods & Sea Food etc.

We also engage in local sales via retail outlets and home delivery service via Econopack product

Pomelo,Dragon Fruit,Nelli,Custard Apple,Soursop,Bull's Heart,Woodapple,Cantaloup,Jade Due,Melon Rose & Melon Kuning Jati,Honey Melon,Watermelon Fantacy & Yellow Lady,Roseapple & White Apple,Nam Nam,Sapodilla,King Coconut & Ambrella. Bananas(Golden Sour,Golden,Cacandish)Mangoes(Karthakolamban,Wella Kolamban,Vilard,Neelan)

Cucumber Yellow & Japanese,Kno Knol,Coriander Leaves,Gotukola,Thampala,Long Beans,Flat Beans & Wing Beans,Snake Gourds,Sponge Gourd,Bitter Gourd & Bottle Gourd,Squash,Sweet Corn & Baby Corn,Drumsticks,Baby Jack & Packoi,Chillies(Red,Green,Hot & Capsicum),Tomato(Cherry,Green House,Big Beef,Thilina).Lettuce(Butter Head,Cos,Lolo Rosso,Frise,Curly,Endives,Red & Green).Parsley(English,French,Packchoi & Baby Packchoi)

BEEF: Frozen Beef Whole Leg,Beef Clean Chuckins,Beef Fillets (Polywrapped),Beef Sirloin/Top Side,Beef Burger(Salami)

PORK: Whole Leg of Pork,Pork Chops,Back & Whole Bacon,Cooked Ham.

FISH DRIED: Katta & Thora Dry Fish,Maldive Fish

PRAWNS: Prawns King Size,Medium & Large,Kuni Prawns.

BASIL: (Sweet Basil,Audi-cologne,Rosemary Thyme Original,Chinese Savory Sage,Fennel Bulbs,Oregano)

Astra & Lily Magarine,Highland & Anchor Butter,Island Fresh Coffee USD

Coconuts,Dried Fish,Dried Products,Building Materials,Furniture & Furniture Fittings etc.

To supply quality fruit,vegetable,food products and related services to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

To accomplish our vision by sourcing high quality products from our frame network,adopting stringent quality control measures,continuously training our staff and upgrading our resouces to meet the latest changes in technology.

General Information

  • Year established


  • Co.Registration No.

    PV 15412

  • Type of company


  • Fax

    +94 11 2884082,

  • Website


  • Type:

    ISO 9001

  • Description:

    - SGS Certified


  • On site

    Not declared 

  • Company

    Not declared 


  • Sarath Silva


  • H. S.

    Managing Director

  • C. M.

    Chief Executive Officer

International Foodstuff Group of Companies > Activities

  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider

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