Hatton National Bank PLC

HNB Towers

479,T B Jayah Mawatha

P O Box 837

Colombo 10 , Sri Lanka

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Commercial Banking,Project Lending & Development Banking,Corporate Finance,Leasing,Pawning,International Trade Finance,Offshore Banking.

General Information

Year Established: 1970

www : http://www.hnb.net

Co.Registration No. : PQ 82

Type of company : Headquarters



On site
From 1000 to 4999
Total group


Main activities

Hatton National Bank PLC provides : P = Producer , D = Distributor, S = Service

Secondary activities

P = Producer , D = Distributor, S = Service


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Jonathan Alles

Managing Director/CEO (Managing Director / Director)

M. J.

Chairperson (President / Chairman)

I. T.

DGM-Corporate Banking (General Manager / Manager)

J. A.

Managing Director/CEO (Managing Director / Director)

J. P.

DGM-Human Resources & Admin

D. J.

Director (Managing Director / Director)

L. T.

DGM-Network Management (General Manager / Manager)

W. G.

Director (Managing Director / Director)

P. H.

DGM-Services (General Manager / Manager)

R. O.

Director (Managing Director / Director)

D. R.


P. C.

Director (Managing Director / Director)

A. R.

Asst.General Manager-Corporate Banking

N. W.

Director (Managing Director / Director)

M. A.

Head of Internal Audit (General Manager / Manager)

M. C.

Senior Director (Managing Director / Director)

A. F.

Asst. General Manager-Recoveries & Credit Quality Management (General Manager / Manager)

L. K.

D. V.

Chief Financial Officer (General Manager / Manager)

L. F.

N. J.

Asst.General Manager-Trade Services

D. M.

R. D.

Asst.General Manager-Specialised Financial Services

D. J.

R. T.

Asst.General Manager-Network Management

R. C.

S. G.

Asst.General Manager-Risk (General Manager / Manager)

C. C.

Asst.General Manager-HR (General Manager / Manager)

S. W.

Chief Information Officer-Head of IT

K. R.

Company Secretary


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