Golden Key Eye & ENT Hospitals Ltd

1175/A,Cotta Road

Rajagiriya , Sri Lanka

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We are ready with the following most advanced,state-of-the-art facilities together with the best professional services to take care of all your EYE & ENT problems. * OPD managed by consultant EYE & ENT surgeons * 24 hours emergency service * Indoor patient facility * All types of EYE & ENT surgeries * Clinic for diabetic retinopathy * Clinic for glaucoma * Clinic for children's EYE & ENT problems * Clinic for headaches and dizziness (vertigo) * Channelled consultations * Laboratory tests & investigations

General Information

Year Established: 2007

www :

Co.Registration No. : N(PVS) 1237

Type of company : Headquarters


  • Golden Key Eye & ENT


On site
From 100 to 249
Total group


Main activities

Golden Key Eye & ENT Hospitals Ltd provides : P = Producer , D = Distributor, S = Service

Secondary activities

P = Producer , D = Distributor, S = Service


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Nishantha Danthanarayana

Executive Director (Managing Director / Director)

D. K.

Chairman (President / Chairman)

J. W.

Medical Director (Managing Director / Director)

K. P.

Deputy Chairman/Chief Executive (Vice President / Vice Chairman)

T. W.

Senior Manager Operations (General Manager / Manager)

M. K.

Director (Managing Director / Director)

S. F.

Finance Manager (Finance Manager)

S. K.

Deputy Chief Executive Director (CEO)

S. S.

Business Development Manager (Marketing / Communication Manager)

N. D.

Executive Director (Managing Director / Director)

N. O.

Manager-Maintenance & Transport (General Manager / Manager)

S. S.

Finance Director (Finance Director)

S. P.

Chief Consultant-Eye Surgeon

S. P.

Director (Managing Director / Director)

D. A.

Consultant Eye Surgeon

G. G.

Director (Managing Director / Director)

S. P.

Consultant-Eye Surgeon

M. N.

Director (Managing Director / Director)

S. A.

Consultant-ENT Surgeon


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