Ceylon Cold Stores PLC

Elephant House

117,Sir Chittampalam A Gardiner Mawatha

Colombo 2 , Sri Lanka

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Manufacturers,Exporters & Distributors of Elephant House Beverages presently includes Carbonated Soft Drinks,Caffeine based Beverages,Ice Creams,Frozen Desserts and Processed Meats.

RETAIL-Manage and Operate Chain of Supermarkets.


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80,Nawam Mawatha,Colombo 2

Tel: +94-(0)11-2343792-8

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General Information

Year Established: 1866

www : http://www.elephanthouse.lk http://www.keells.com

Co.Registration No. : PQ 4

Type of company : Headquarters


Description:Sri Lanka National Quality Award-2003


  • Elephant House Apple Soda
  • Elephant House Blue Fountain
  • Elephant House Chocolate & Choco Lite Ice Cream
  • Elephant House Cream Soda
  • Elephant House Double Delight Ice Cream
  • Elephant House Dry Ginger Ale
  • Elephant House Fruit N Nut Ice Cream
  • Elephant House Ginger Beer (EGB)
  • Elephant House Ginger Beer Light
  • Elephant House Hakuru Mix Ice Cream
  • Elephant House Karthakolumban Ice Cream
  • Elephant House Lemonade
  • Elephant House Necto
  • Elephant House Orange Barley
  • Elephant House Orange Crush
  • Elephant House Orange Twist Ice Cream
  • Elephant House Pani Cadju Ice Cream
  • Elephant House Soda
  • Elephant House Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Elephant House Tonic
  • Elephant House Vanilla & Vanilla Lite Ice Cream
  • Elephant House Vanilla Choco Twist Ice Cream
  • Elephant House Wild Elephant
  • KIK Cola


On site
From 500 to 999
Total group


Over 500 million LKR

Main activities

Ceylon Cold Stores PLC provides : P = Producer / D = Distributor / S = Service

Secondary activities

P = Producer / D = Distributor / S = Service


6 products


S.C Ratnayake


A. G.


J. P.


J. G.

Director/Chief Executive Officer

A. R.


P. J.


U. L.


J. G.

President/Chief Executive Officer

S. J.

Executive Vice President-Chief Financial Officer

N. F.

Vice President-Head of Finance/Sector Financial Controller

S. J.

Vice President-Head of Supply Chain Management

B. W.

Vice President - Head of Category - Frozen Confectionery

D. G.

Vice President-Head of Category-Beverages

S. S.

Asst.Vice President-Head of Sales & Marketing

W. M.

Asst.Vice President-Head of Sourcing & Procurement


Elephant House Cream Soda – People's choice for the 8th consecutive year

Elephant House Cream Soda – People's choice for the 8th consecutive year

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Elephant House Cream Soda won the "The FMCG Beverage Brand of the Year 2014" award for the 8th consecutive time at the SLIM - Nielsen People's Awards on Wednesday 26th February 2014 at Water Edge. Held jointly with the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) and the Nielsen Company, the Peoples Awards accolade is distinguished by the fact that they are presented to a recipient, nominated by the people, making the award a true reflection of the pulse of the people.

In addition, Elephant House Cream Soda was also joint winner of the "The Youth Beverage Brand of the Year 2014" for the 
2nd consecutive time at the SLIM - Nielsen People's Awards 2014.

As a truly Sri Lankan company Elephant House is proud of this achievement.