Browns Group

Brown & Company PLC

34,Sir Mohamed Macan Markar Mawatha

Colombo 3 , Sri Lanka

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Browns is a conglomerate that operates in growth industries of agriculture,plantations,marine  engineering,manufacturing,home and o.ce solutions,power generation,travel and leisure,veterinary pharmaceuticals,construction and healthcare with market leader positions in many of the sectors in which it operates.

General Information

www :

Co.Registration No. : PQ 25

Type of company : Headquarters


  • Austrian - Austria
  • BG
  • Belkin -
  • Continental Airlines - United States
  • ECLIPSE - United Kingdom
  • EXIDE - United Kingdom
  • Eukanuba - United States
  • F G Wilson - - United Kingdom
  • Intervet - Netherlands
  • MASSEY FERGUSON - United Kingdom
  • Makita Japan
  • Maktec - Japan
  • Mitashi - India
  • OLYMPUS - Japan
  • Oce - Netherlands
  • Pitney Bowes - United Kingdom
  • Radco - Sri Lanka
  • SHARP - Japan
  • SIFANG - China
  • Scandinavian Airlines - Scandinavia
  • TAFE
  • Tailin -
  • YANMAR Marine - Japan




On site
From 500 to 999
Total group


Main activities

Browns Group provides : P = Producer , D = Distributor, S = Service

Secondary activities

P = Producer , D = Distributor, S = Service


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I.C Nanayakkara

Chairman (Board Member)

N. P.

CEO/Group Managing Director (Board Member)

S. S.

Director (Board Member)

J. d.

Director (Board Member)

W. J.

Director (Board Member)

K. A.

Director (Board Member)

R. N.

Director (Board Member)

R. S.

Group Chief Operating Officer BCL & Director/CEO Browns Investments PLC (General Manager / Manager)

C. E.

Senior Vice President-BCL & CEO-Sifang Lanka/Sifan Trading Pvt Ltd (Vice President / Vice Chairman)

P. W.

Senior Vice President-BCL/Dir./CEO Browns Real Estate,Tours/BG Air Services,Dir.Associated Battery Manufacturers(Ceylon) (Vice President / Vice Chairman)

S. T.

Senior Vice President - BCL (Vice President / Vice Chairman)

C. F.

Senior Vice President BCL & CEO Browns Industrial Park Ltd,Browns Group Industries(Pvt)Ltd, Browns Thermal Engineering (Pvt)Ltd (Vice President / Vice Chairman)

K. J.

Senior Vice President - BCL (Vice President / Vice Chairman)

P. G.

Group Chief Financial Officer (Finance Manager)

N. D.

General Manager - Group Legal/Group Secretary (General Manager / Manager)

D. S.

Chief Information Officer (Administration Manager)

V. L.

General Manager-Browns Group Industries (Pvt) Ltd/Browns Thermal Engineering (Pvt) Ltd (General Manager / Manager)

R. S.

Director/GM - Browns Tours/GM - BG Air Services (Managing Director / Director)

M. W.

Director/General Manager - Klevenberg (Pvt) Ltd (Managing Director / Director)


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