Browns Group

Brown & Company PLC

34,Sir Mohamed Macan Markar Mawatha
Colombo 3
Sri Lanka

Browns Group  -  - Company Summary

Browns is a conglomerate that operates in growth industries of agriculture, plantations, marine engineering, manufacturing, home and o.ce solutions, power generation, travel and leisure, veterinary pharmaceuticals, construction and healthcare with market leader positions in many of the sectors in which it operates.

Browns Group Industries (Pvt) Ltd

Browns Tours (Pvt) Ltd

Standard Finance (Pvt) Ltd

Browns Industrial Park Ltd

Galoya Plantations (Pvt) Ltd

Galoya Holdings (Pvt) Ltd

B G Air Services (Pvt) Ltd

Klevenberg (Pvt) Ltd

Browns Motors (Pvt) Ltd

Browns Investments (Pvt) Ltd

Sifang Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Sifang Lanka Trading (Pvt) Ltd

Associated Battery Manufacturers (Ceylon) Ltd

Browns Thermal Engineering (Pvt) Ltd (Former Browns DIMO)

Browns Healthcare (Pvt) Ltd

Browns Real Estate (Pvt) Ltd

Samudra Beach Resort (Pvt) Ltd

Millenium Development (Pvt) Ltd

Excel Global Holdings (Pvt) Ltd

Royal Fernwood Porcelain Ltd

Browns Group Motels Ltd

Masons Mixture Ltd

Hatton Transport & Agency Company (Pvt) Ltd

Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd

C.F.T Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

Walker & Grieg (Pvt) Ltd

Mutugala Estates (Pvt) Ltd

Pathregala Estates (Pvt) Ltd

ESL Trading (Pvt) Ltd

I.G Browns Rubber Industries (Pvt) Ltd

Snowcem Products Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Taprobane Plantations Ltd

Browns Health Care North Colombo (Pvt) Ltd

Excel Restaurants (Pvt) Ltd

Lanka Decals (Pvt) Ltd

Taprobane Capital (Pvt) Ltd

Fernwood Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Ajax Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Construction Industries Sri Lanka

The Council for Business with Britain

The Industrial Association of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka-Japan Business Co-Operation Committee

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce-Import Section

Sri Lanka Institute of Directors

Ceylon National Chamber of Industries

Chamber of Construction Industry-Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Hungary Business Council

Sri Lanka Germany Business Council

Sri Lanka Canada Business Council

Sri Lanka China Business Council

Sri Lanka Maldives Bilateral Business Council

Sri Lanka Singapore Business Council

Sri Lanka Australia New Zealand Business Council

The British Council

General Information

  • Year established


  • Co.Registration No.

    PQ 25

  • Legal form


  • Corporate capital

    2,005,601,000 LKR

  • Type of company


  • Fax

    +94 11 2698489

  • Website


  • Austrian 

    Travel & Leisure

  • BG 

    Consumer Electronics & House Appliances

  • Belkin 

    iPod,iPhone,iPad Accessories,Lap Top Accessories & Surge Protectors

  • Continental Airlines 

    Travel & Leisure


    Engineering & Hardware

  • EXIDE 


  • Eukanuba 

    Pet Food

  • F G Wilson 

    Power Generation

  • Intervet 

    Animal Pharmaceuticals



  • Makita 

    Engineering & Hardware

  • Maktec 

    Engineering & Hardware

  • Mitashi 

    Consumer Electronics & Hand Held/Computer Games


    Camera's & Imaging Equipment

  • Oce 

    Business Solutions

  • Pitney Bowes 

    Business Solutions

  • Radco 


  • SHARP 

    Business Solutions

  • SHARP 

    Electronics & Home Appliances



  • Scandinavian Airlines-Scandinavia 

    Travel & Leisure

  • TAFE 


  • Tailin 

    Power Tool Accessories

  • YANMAR Marine 

    Engineering & Hardware


  • HSBC, Commercial Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Sampath Bank, Hatton National Bank, Seylan Bank, Peoples Bank, NDB Bank, Bank of Ceylon, ICICI Bank, DFCC Bank, DFCC Vardhana Bank, National Development Bank


  • On site

    Not declared 

  • Company

    500-999 Employees


  • 2014

    Over 500 million LKR

Financial ratios


  • Mr I.C Nanayakkara

    Executive Chairman

  • Mr S. S.

    Non Executive Director

  • Mr J. D. S.

    Non Executive Independent Director

  • Mr W. J.

    Non Executive Director

  • Mrs K. A.

    Non Executive Director

  • Mr R. N.

    Non Executive Director

  • Mr T. B.

    Independent Non Executive Director

  • Mr R. S.

    Group Chief Operating Officer BCL & Director/CEO Browns Investments PLC

  • Mr C. E.

    Senior Vice President-BCL & CEO-Sifang Lanka/Sifan Trading Pvt Ltd

  • Mr P. W.

    Senior Vice President-BCL/Dir./CEO Browns Real Estate,Tours/BG Air Services,Dir.Associated Battery Manufacturers(Ceylon)

  • Mr K. J.

    Senior Vice President - BCL

  • Mr P. G.

    Group Chief Financial Officer

  • Mrs N. D.

    General Manager - Group Legal/Group Secretary

  • Mr C. D.

    Chief Information Officer

  • Mr V. L.

    General Manager-Browns Group Industries(Pvt) Ltd/Browns Thermal Engineering (Pvt)Ltd

  • Mr M. W.

    Director/General Manager - Klevenberg (Pvt) Ltd

  • Mr J. R.

    General Manager - Plantation & Support Services

  • Mr C. R.

    General Manager - Enterprise Resource Planning Process Division

  • Dr. S. N.

    Director/General Manager - Browns Healthcare (Pvt) Ltd,Browns Health Care North Colombo (Pvt)Ltd

  • Mr V. K.

    General Manager - Sifang Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

  • Mr N. J.

    General Manager - Consumer

  • Mr P. S.

    Senior Vice President-HR

  • Mr T. S.

    Group Chief Financial Officer

  • Mr G. J.

    Chief Administration Officer

Browns Group > Main activities

  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider

Browns Group > Secondary activities

  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider

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