- Anuradha Agencies (Pvt) Ltd

181,Negombo Road
11830 Peliyagoda
Sri Lanka

Anuradha Agencies (Pvt) Ltd () - - Company Summary

Sole distributorship for internationally renowned machinery and accessory brand, namely
* IOxygen
* Pillarc
New Gas
Weldro etc.
* Welding & Cutting Machines  
* Welding & Cutting Equipment  
* Welding Consumables
* Abrasive Disks and Wire Brush      
* Gas Line Regulators & Acc        
Safety Equipment
Services are:  
* Gas Line Repairs    
* Welding Machines Repair & Services
* Total Welding Equipment Repair & Services 

General Information


  • DaHua

    Gas Welding Equipment

  • Fisher

    Welding Machinery 

  • Fortune

    Gas Welding Equipment

  • IOxygen

    Welding & Cutting Machines

  • Morris

    Welding Rods

  • WeldRo

    Welding Equipment


  • On site

    Not declared 

  • Company

    0-9  Employees

  • Group

    Not declared 


  • Ranjith Hunugoda

    Managing Director/General Manager

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